Three Temples, Part IV: Ta Prohm

“Three Temples, Part IV: Ta Prohm”  takes us on a rather hallucinatory journey through the final temple the Misadventurists explored on their visit to Angkor Wat.

Immortalized by the Tomb Raider films, Ta Prohm is an atmospheric, tumble-down wonder that can only be reached via a half-mile pathway through thick jungle.

Stax wanted to get across via film and sound our total exhaustion by this point in the day, with sweltering 100 degree heat adding to our already mounting fatigue. The thickness of the heat and the cries of the jungle birds, along with the weirdness of the locale and a relentless stream of comically well-dressed tourists joined together to make this the weirdest and most colorful of our temple experiences.


Produced, shot and edited by Stacy Libokmeto for Misadventurist Media. (c) 2016 Misadventurist Media.

Music: “Shutdown” by Noidboy. From 2016 album “Elp” on UpitUp Records.
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Three Temples, Part III: Bayon

Hi Misadventurists – time for Part III of our serialized short, “Three Temples”!

This episode takes you through Bayon, the one-time center of Angkor Thom – and otherwise known as the Temple of Faces (you’ll soon see why…)

Shot by Stax and Beej. Edited by Stax. Narrated by Beej.

Three Temples, Part II: Sunrise Over Angkor Wat

As promised, we bring you Part II of our new serialized short film. Three Temples: Sunrise over Angkor Wat is set just after the previous intro we posted a few days back, on the grounds of the main temple at Angkor as the sun rises and the day heats up. Enjoy!

Produced, Filmed and Edited by Stacy Libokmeto.

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Three Temples, Part I: Before Dawn

This is a bit different than anything we’ve done yet. “Three Temples” is a serialized short film wherein the Misadventurists visit three ancient structures at Angkor Wat in one day, in 100 degree heat, with practically no sleep. This project attempts to capture a bit of how that feels!

Part I: Before Dawn – we board a tuk tuk hurtling through the dark streets of Siem Reap, bound for sunrise. Let’s just say we’re not quite conscious yet.

Conceived, edited and narrated by Stacy Libokmeto. Shot by Stacy Libokmeto and Benjamin J Spencer.

Music by The Fucked Up Beat (c) 2015. Music shared by free attribution/non-commercial license and downloaded from

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Video Snapshot: Waking up in Pham Ngu Lao, HCMC, Vietnam!

We stayed in the fabulous Vy Khanh guesthouse in Pham Ngu Lao, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Vy and her family were so kind and generous to us, and the neighborhood was a ton of fun. There will be a longer update about Saigon later (after more Cambodia goodies, of course!) For now, here’s a Video Snapshot Beej shot one morning of the evocative warren of alleys that we woke up to every day on our way to breakfast!

Video Snapshot: Summit of Phnom Sampeau, Cambodia!

Phnom Sampeau summit.

To the south lay the remote Cardamom range, to the north Tiger Peak, and farther still the distant Thai border. Tigers reportedly still roam this border, but you’re much more likely to catch malaria than a swipe from a cat’s paw there.

Below our feet are massive caverns that practically hollow out the mountain’s core. Each night at the same time, a swarm of 2 million bats shoot out into the sky – in a twisting, unbroken stream lasting 20 minutes, appearing as one sinuous organism – to feed on the evening insects.

Closer to the where we stand here, the so-called Killing Caves bear witness to a dark Khmer Rouge era. Buddhist monks perform daily blessings at the bottom of the 70 foot deep cave for the ancestors of the local people, thousands of whom died there – most by being casually tossed into the pit along with their children and babies.

Nearby the caves stand Russian-made artillery guns used to shoot at deserters 1000 feet below who were attempting to flee across the Thai border. Later we met an ex-soldier in Phnom Penh whose sister survived that run just 40 years ago.

On a lighter note, the kid in the tree is our self-appointed guide and protector. He lived at the temple you see in the video, and is calling to his friends across the canyon. He insisted on accompanying us, then became increasingly exasperated with our slow pace and frequent photo stops. Wherever you are, kid…sorry for our clueless farang ways!

Video Throwback: Brewskee Ball Championship, Brooklyn, NYC!